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Get to it

F: A festival. A conference. A future.

April 10-11. Sydney, Australia.

This is a response to Kate O’Halloran’s review of F – The future of feminism

I think feminism, especially ‘these days’, is (and should be) less about ‘women’ and more about what I will reluctantly term ‘human rights’ – the right to be treated fairly; to not be abused, mistreated, disrespected. You can’t divorce gendered oppression from racism, nor can you separate women’s oppression from the gendered oppression of trans people.

The ways in which feminism created, took up, and continues to (way too often but not always) rely on a politics of identity is disappointing at best. Identity necessitates exclusion – the exclusion of trans people from political spaces (women’s, but also, ‘feminist’) is, I think, the most obvious and perhaps simplest (most easily overcome) example of this.

What I like so much about (the prospect of) F is that the organisers have really taken this on. It’s not just that “feminism comes in many forms” but so do feminists. Ways in which our differing experiences ([and] of oppression) affect our ways of organising and prioritising feminist movement and change (the possibilities of the future) are really important. Too often this has been (and continues to be) overlooked by a failure of participants to interrogate their own privileges.

Building alliances through our differing feminist struggles and coalescing about the possibilities of feminist futures is really freakin exciting. Get to it.

Register (and read the conference blog) here.



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