Tranny Boi Theme Songs

This playlist available on youtube here.


  • that boy is a…

The Fear

  • “it doesn’t matter ‘cos I’m packing plastic / and that’s what makes my life / so fucking fantastic”

Coin Operated Boy

  • “my plastic fantasy”
  • “I know he feels / like a boy should feel / isn’t that the point?”

Your Love Is My Drug

  • “what you got boy / is hard to find”

Wanna Be

  • (because we’re all try hards really)
  • “your pocket’s getting bigger / but you couldn’t pull the trigger / if you need to / ‘cos you haven’t got it”

Dressed For Success

I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked

  • For naked trans ♥

She Don’t Deserve You

  • Sometimes, people have bad trans politics. Often they’re women with [bad] feminist politics – This is the song

All rights reserved by the artists. Creative Commons License


8 responses to “Playlist

  1. hah, loves it
    athens boys choir, ‘fagette’, but it’s a lil more obvious than all the ones above, maybe

  2. LC

    White Town – Your Woman

  3. for your politeness playlist

    “i want somebody to be nice/ see the boy i once was in my eyes”

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