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6 responses to “Ask

  1. frankie

    hey max,
    the issues/phenomena you address are amongst the greyest of the grey areas and the way you handle them is extremely comforting for me – you articulate thoughts and feelings i don’t always have the words for. for this i am greatly appreciative. and i don’t have an arts degree in queer theory.

    compliments aside, the reason i’m writing is this. i have just started seeing someone who has just started identifying as male, and while it is early days, for them and our actual relationship, i wonder if you could provide me with a list of recommended reading that would help equip me to fully support this person, as it is a hugely unchartered terrain for me, and the risk of accidently and ignorantly offending this person is too great.

  2. frankie

    thanks max

  3. frankie

    ah fuck max. he didn’t make it. found out last tues night he killed himself. can’t fucking believe it 😦

    • dear frankie, I am so terribly sorry. The fact is: it’s a tough world out there for trans people, but keep your head up – you are clearly an amazing person working towards a world where that’s no longer the case 😦

  4. phdhope

    HI Max!
    Just came across your awesome blog!

    I’m looking for some resources about sexism and misogyny that transmen/transmasculine people face. It seems like the “sexism” and “misogyny” they face is based in both transphobia and sexism (ex: “you’re *really* a woman so I’ma say/do effed up stuff ’cause what can a woman really do in retaliation?”). It seems to be both fear of trans identity (born female means always female regardless of anything else; no other possibilities other than cis-gender) & fear of “women” becoming or outdoing men. I found your article “On Being Defended” (among others) useful, and I was wondering if you had any suggestions for other sources which explore the connections between women and those on the trans-spectrum and/or sexism that transmasculine people face.

    Thanks in advance, and thanks for a great, thoughtful blog!

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