What’s Queer Here? seeks out a what rather than a who: some or other thing, phenomenon, inclination, tendency, or potential. It binds that what to a here, suggesting that what’s queer here may not necessarily be queer there, and vice versa.

‘Queer’ questions and suspends the fateful bonds between what and who we like and who we are, refusing to decide in advance what is and what is not politically and/or epistemologically ‘serious’.

Max Attitude is a queer tranny boi hero, social commentator and cultural analyst. He is currently writing his doctorate.

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From 2008-2010, this blog featured Max Attitude’s monthly column of the same name for Gscene Magazine. An archive of all these articles is available here.


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  1. thanks v much for the add. am adding you on fb too … my name’s lazy nachos there

  2. Chris

    Got in a chat with some friends today about the word queer and why it is used by queers as a term of art and pride to describe themselves. Don’t know if I gave a full answer, but I tried to describe what I felt as the empowerment of being ‘different’ from a norm that you don’t associate with you and tends to push you aside. Being different can be a source of pride, so word appropriation signals that, I assume. Don’t know if I fully described it. I guess not being an automaton can be an empowering feeling, but perhaps not understandable to those who rely on the feeling of normalcy for satisfaction/security. I think maybe that all happy people are a little queer. Perhaps queer just means in touch with yourself, and not in touch with normative sexuality/gender.
    Queer love.

  3. a c

    a definition of queer i like to play with is as follows:

    ‘…The trope of marginality is discarded, grounded as it is, on relations of the closet; instead, queer is installed through a process of disidentification, inverting and appropriating the strategies of heteronormative identity formation, and thus effecting a reinscription through the figure of the centre. Queer is… what is not.’

    it’s strange to have a definition of queer but what it ain’t, [‘non-straight’?] but it’s one that always gets me thinking. stuff can be added, and i could change stuff a bit, but it’s good to spark discussion i reckon on the label queer. or, Queer.

    [its from http://arts.monash.edu.au/womens-studies/staff/documents/feeling-queer.pdf, actually.]

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